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     Richard and Marilyn Apfel were pastoring at Brookings, South Dakota when they sensed the desire to begin missions work in Mexico.  In 1988, they took their first step by attending language school in McAllen, Texas.  After nine months of intense Spanish studies, they began working with the Mexican pastors for their evangelism outreaches.  They also brought in American groups to help with work projects and evangelism.  

     Once or twice a year Richard and Marilyn would go to Acapulco to help a ministry .  Their desire was to eventually live in Acapulco and start a home for the street kids.  In 1998, they were finally able to begin their dream of moving to Acapulco and working with the street kids.  The home called "The Refuge" began in a five story building in the downtown area of the city.  They started with eight kids, which quickly grew to over 60.  A new home was started for girls 10 miles outside of the city.  There were boys, girls and teenagers of every age living in both the homes.  They took care of both their physical and spiritual needs.  The kids were able to attend school and receive their education.  Older children were able to go to trade schools such as nursing or computer school.  The most important training was the spiritual part.  Several of the young men were sent to Bible schools with all their expenses paid.
     Mexican workers were also trained to help the Apfel's.  After living at the Refuge for eight years, they returned to the United States and put the work into the hands of the Mexican workers that had been trained.  

     In 2014  they were led to start another Refuge in Rio Bravo, Mexico, a city close to the border of the United States.  This new work also includes a new church outreach.  A two story building was purchased and prepared to receive the new young people that are struggling with addictions and abuse. 

     Richard and Marilyn have seen many young people set free by the power of Jesus Christ and will continue to work with troubled kids on the streets of Mexico.  They have called their ministry, "Love Never Fails Ministries",  taken from first Corinthians 13:8.  They believe God's love is the only power that can bring salvation into the lives of these young people and children. 

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