The 5 Best Furry Dog Breeds

The 5 Best Furry Dog Breeds

We’ve tracked down the 5 best furry dog breeds! So, if you’re looking for a new friend that’s super soft, one of these is probably your best bet. Get a brush because that gorgeous coat needs good grooming frequently!

When you’re grooming, you may want to save what you gather for your favorite knitter! The fur from many canine undercoats bred for the artic easily spins into soft yarn with the same process used to spin Angora rabbit yarn.


Shelties look a lot like miniature Collies- and with good reason. They’re part of the Collie family. Most weigh in around 20 pounds; so they’re great little housedogs. Make sure you give them something to do, because these dogs have ENERGY!!!

They’re bred to be sheepherding dogs & they love to work. If you don’t give them something to do, odds are they’ll give themselves a job, and it might not be a good one! Shelties also love to run. You’ll see them tear across open ground at lightening speed when you throw their favorite ball.


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The Samoyed breed looks a lot like a Sheltie- only pure white! They’re about the same size and have a super thick, fluffy coat that is ultra soft to the touch. Another thing the two breeds have in common is the need to be brushed frequently.

All of that fur can easily get tangled and matted. So, be prepared for some grooming time together. Allergy sufferers will be happy to note that while this breed sheds, most folks who are allergic to dogs don’t have a problem with this kind.


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The Shih Tzu, also known as a “Chinese Lion Dog,” is a smaller lapdog. They’re typically playful and friendly, but also gentle; so they make a great companion dog.

They’re not as patient with small children, but they are great with other pets. Because they’re so small, they get plenty of exercise inside- even if you’re in a small apartment. They are hypoallergenic, as well.


Hailing from Finland, the Papillon is a small, friendly little guy that is great with kids. They love to play, but they need to walk everyday as every dog does. Instinct tells a canine to go out and walk around, check things out, and return to the home front. You can’t miss the daily walk with most dogs, and the Papillon is no exception.!

Bonus: This little ball of friendly fur doesn’t have as many grooming needs as his counterparts on the list. He needs moderate fur maintenance to look his best.


This is a great breed for a very active family! Keeshond’s are medium sized dogs, that are extremely intelligent and playful. They need a good run everyday and at least a medium-sized yard to play in.

If they start spinning in circles, they’re getting bored and need some more exercise. Because they have a thick, double coat that’s bred for northern climbs, they don’t do well in the heat. With all of that energy they are really great with kids. They’re not prone to strong odors; so frequent bathing isn’t needed.


If you want a super soft furry friend, you’re probably going to have a little fur coat maintenance on your hands. However, all of these breeds are highly intelligent and worth every minute of love.