The 5 Top Dog- Grooming Techniques/Methods

The 5 Top Dog- Grooming Techniques/Methods

We love to cuddle our dogs. We kiss them. We allow them to share our bed. They sleep on the couch. And there are funny moments when we find them sleeping inside our closet. Given how our furry friends have invaded our private spaces, proper dog-grooming is important.

Dogs can be susceptible to diseases. We don’t want them to be unwilling carriers of bacteria and viruses. These top dog-grooming techniques will be helpful to keep our pets in tiptop shape.

Regular bath with the right shampoo and conditioner

Going to the pet salon may not always be a practical idea. But a regular bath using the right shampoo and conditioner for your pet dog is already a salon treat for them. Never use human products on dogs. Our hair and skin is different than theirs. Make sure that you buy bath products formulated for puppies and dogs.

They have different skin needs than humans. Often, human products can cause damage and irritation to dog’s skin. Worse, some pets accidentally ingest human shampoo and it causes a problem to their digestive system. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations. They will know which products are suited for the breed of your dog.

Brush dog coat regularly

Your dog’s coat is their crowning glory. Keep their hair shiny and tangle-free. Invest on a good set of brush suitable for your dog’s breed.

● For short-hair breeds, like Labradors, use a short toothed comb and a curry comb, especially during bathing

● For medium-length breeds with undercoat, like the Husky, use a double or single comb to reach the dead undercoat. Dematting combs and slicker brushes are also useful

● For doodle-type dogs, use a pin brush and a slicker or straight comb

● For long-haired breeds like Shelties, Maltese, use a double rake, straight comb or slicker, if they have an undercoat

● And for wire-haired breeds like the Brussels Griffon, use a slicker brush, wide-toothed flea comb for the face. Dematting and straight combs are useful too

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Practice double rinse

Bathing our pet dogs require time. If one is in a hurry, you might be tempted to quickly rinse off your dog. However, incomplete rinsing will leave soap suds and other chemicals in your dog’s coat and it will dry on their skin. Days later, you will wonder and worry why your pet is always itching.

Chances are, their skin got irritated by residues from shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you double rinse. This is especially true for dogs with thick undercoat.

Trim regularly

Hair can grow in between the paws of your pet. This attracts mud, dirt and other particles in your home. Likewise, nails can also grow and it will be irritating to feel the scratch when your dog tries to climb on you. Worse, your sofa or wall will get unsightly scratches.

To avoid this, trim the hair and their nails regularly. On an average, trimming should be done every three weeks or monthly. If you hear a “clacking” sound on the floor, your pet’s nails are due for a much needed trim.

Use baby powder

This is probably the only human product suitable for your pet. Only use baby powder because it is usually hypoallergenic. Since dogs have sensitive skin, baby powder is safer than regular adult powder.

Baby powder is the easiest formula to remove tangled dog hair. If you have long-haired pets, sprinkle baby powder on their coat and brush it easily. Your dog’s coat will have a nice shine. Plus, they smell so good! It will be hard to resist cuddling them.


Grooming your pets should not be expensive. There are easy and affordable ways to keep your dogs looking great.