The 5 Top Ways To Make Your Home Dog-Friendly

The 5 Top Ways To Make Your Home Dog-Friendly


Do you have pets at home? Or are you planning to bring home a cute puppy? You will surely have a great time bonding with your furry friend. Psychologists and therapists have often cited the benefits of having a pet at home.

To make the most out this experience, make sure that your pet is coming to a dog-friendly home. If you think that a blanket or a basket in the corner and a dog plate is enough, think again. Here are the top ways to make your home dog-friendly.

Make a built-in kennel

Whether you are a long-time dog owner who is already used to having your pets ran around the house or a first-timer, having a kennel for your dogs is important. Look for an area around your house that can be renovated to be a kennel.

It can be an open space near the back or front door, or a vacant cupboard under the sink. This way, you provide your pet with some privacy and you have a convenient and stylish kennel for your pet without sacrificing the overall interior of your house.

Pet potty areas

As much as we love our dogs, cleaning up their mess can be overwhelming. This becomes more challenging if you have 3 or more pets at home. The good thing is that our beloved pets can be potty trained. Assign pet potty designated areas indoor and outdoor. Your pets can relieve themselves anytime and you only have one or two potty areas to clean twice or thrice a week.

As soon as they are potty trained, you will never have to worry about dog poop again. This also comes handy when you have visitors and parties at home. Dog droppings will never annoy them.

Keep poisonous plants away

Dogs love to sniff around and sometimes chew on some leaves if their senses are tickled by new flavors and aroma. If you want to keep your pets healthy, make a quick scan of your house plants and remove any poisonous plants.


Sago palm, yew, castor bean, lily, English ivy, pothos, cyclamen, azalea, oleander, chrysanthemum, autumn crocus, peace lily, schefflera, tulip and amaryllis are considered poisonous for dogs. These ornamental plants have very nice flowers that will surely beautify your garden but they can also be deadly for your pets.

Dog door

At this point, your pets are considered as family members already. They have access to the rooms and other parts of the house. Still, they want to go outside and roam around your lawn or garden. It will be helpful to install a dog door so your pet can go in and out of the house without you always opening or closing the main door.

It is also a good training for them. Your pets learn how to follow instructions and obey orders. Plus, they also develop a sense of ownership and the need to protect the household from intruders becomes stronger.

dog, water, run

Homemade dog treats

We associate homes with our favorite food. You’ll be surprised that your pets will also develop a favorite food out of the treats you make for them. You can designate an area in your home where your dogs would find their favorite dog cookie.

It’s amusing to see how your pets react when they start to smell the aroma of a freshly baked homemade dog treat. Dogs are very appreciative and you will never get tired of making these special treats for them.


Try any of these hassle-free tips to make your homes dog-friendly. No need for drastic home renovations. Just a little repair and minor touch-ups to make your furry friends feel at home.